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Kelly daCosta 

Senior Associate

Registered Coaching and Clinical Psychologist
– Specialising in Executive Coaching, Strengths and Leadership

  BA (Hons) Psych. MA Psyc. MA Bus. MAPS,


Kelly daCosta is a Registered Clinical and Coaching Psychologist with over 15 years experience in a variety of settings. Kelly has specialist training in the use of strengths, laughter and colour in her work, drawing on the evidence base of Positive Psychology. She has a wide and varied background including working with the corporate sector, the public service, education (both at secondary and tertiary levels) and the community. Kelly was the first psychologist within the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice to promote the use of positive psychology techniques in custodial settings, including running laughter clubs and positive psychology based groups on a weekly basis. Kelly was the recipient of the Director Generals Excellence Award 2005 for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Social Justice for Young People. Kelly has worked with urban, rural, indigenous and multicultural youth with great results.

In the corporate sector Kelly is an experienced provider of workshops, presentations, assessment, counselling and coaching services. Much of Kelly’s work has been done in safety critical environments where good decision-making saves lives. The use of positive psychology techniques in safety critical environments is vastly underestimated as a way to enhance safety and performance. Kelly has worked also on the use of positive psychology techniques for peace building and conflict resolution within organisational settings.

Kelly works as a Senior Associate and an Expert Advisor to the Positive Psychology Institute, a leading psychological services provider in Australia. Kelly is a member of Australian Psychological Society Interest Group in Coaching Psychology and is also a Member of the Society for Coaching Psychology.

Kelly and her PPI associates consult on applied positive psychology to organizations, schools and communities. This includes the co-creation of applied positive psychology strategy and associated training and coaching. In addition, the provision of executive coaching to senior level staff also supports this.

Kelly’s services include:

• Organisational and Personal Development Programs
• Strengths based Assessment and Leadership Programs
• Workplace, Personal and Executive Coaching
• Treatment of Clinical Disorders

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