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David Runge

Senior Associate

– Specialising in the development and delivery of Positive Education programs in schools.

  B. Com, B. Ed


David Runge is an educator experienced in development and delivery of Positive Education programs in schools. David was part of the world first Geelong Grammar School Positive Psychology program where he was trained in the principles of Positive Psychology by some of the leading academics in the field. Furthermore he was trained in the delivery of Positive Psychology, as a facilitator. His work at Geelong Grammar as a member of the inaugural teaching and development team provides a unique insight into the implementation and application of Positive Education within schools.

David has held a number of leadership positions within schools and, through such roles, has implemented many Positive Education interventions aimed at increasing the wellbeing of young people. He is particularly interested in resilience, optimism and character strengths and how these apply to school environments. Having worked in boarding schools for a number of years he has applied many of the foundations of Positive Education in that context.

David has worked with teachers to develop curriculum materials based on the scientific literature from the field of Positive Psychology. As well as this, he has taught Positive Education classes at multiple year levels and has shown an ability to construct meaning about the field both in and out of the classroom.

David has also delivered Positive Education training courses to other educators, whilst also working with sporting organisations and individuals from other sectors. He has worked with some of the leading thinkers in the field, and has had the opportunity to reflect on research with many of its founders.

In addition, David has helped schools implement strengths based programs using an Appreciative Inquiry lens for such transition. In doing so, he has become acutely aware of the importance of personalising Positive Education programs to the organisation.

David has also developed programs that allow groups to use a strengths perspective to reflect upon performance, deliver feedback and communicate desired pathways. One such program was used by senior sporting teams within a school as a means of building relationships and reviewing matches. He sees great potential to use strengths based language and behaviour as a foundation for classroom interaction and feedback. Of particular interest to him is the part Positive Education can play in supplementing the current behaviour management approaches of schools.

David is a Senior Associate of the Positive Psychology Institute, a leading psychological services provider and leader in the field of Positive Education in Australia. David and his PPI associates consult on applied positive psychology in education to primary and secondary schools across the country. This includes the co-creation and implementation of a Positive Education strategy and associated training and support.

David is deeply passionate about the role that Positive Psychology is playing within the Education sector and is driven to work with schools to enhance the wellbeing of the young people within their care.

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